The Poppy Fields (Book 2) Eternity Bound


The Poppy Fields (Book 2) Eternity Bound

This is the 2nd book of the Poppy Fields series and boy was it every good. A love story, a real tear jerker and very intense.

I fell in love with Emily and James in the first book and also in this one. In the first one Emily and James had stopped seeing each other and that was so awful. After all they both had gone through I didn’t think anything could or would ever come between them again. But I did understand, in a way, James’s reasons for pulling away from everyone he loved. Although I think if he had given it more thought he would and should have handled things way differently.

Mark, who Emily thought was a good friend, was in love with Emily and would do “anything” to make her fall for him. James knew what Mark was up to but Emily didn’t believe it. She thought James was just to emotional over a loss and took it out on Mark. I personally did not like Mark at all. 

There are wonderful, sweet and very loving parts in this book that will grab you by the heart and not let go. There will be two births and one death. Will it be one of the babies or one of the mothers? What will happen between Emily and Mark? Between Emily and James? Will love win out in the end or will someone end up hurt beyond forgiveness? 

This is a series that will keep you wanting more and wondering what can possibly happen next between the two people that love each other more than life itself. There is no way to read this book without feeling very emotional. If you can you just don’t get into books the way you are meant too. It was done with so much love, sadness, happiness and much more.

I loved this book and now can’t wait for the 3rd book to come out. I would give just about anything to have it right now so I can see what will happen next. The waiting will be hard but well worth it. I assure you that you will love this series very much. It deals quite a bit about the Military, soldiers who are hurt in combat and James working with the wounded soldiers both in the UK and on the battle fields in Afghanistan. Emily does a lot of charity work for the wounded soldiers and their families also and that is what brought them together in the first book and made their love so strong. 

The one person that I didn’t like in the first book, Naomi, is very likable in this book. She does everything in her power to get Emily to forgive James and work things out. 

I give this book a 5 star rating and it is worth it. Now if only the 3rd book would hurry up and come out. It’s due in July, but I don’t know if I can wait that long. lol 🙂 

D G Torrens is a wonderful author and each book I read by her is better than the one before. A wonderful author with a great talent with words. You don’t want to miss this series..


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